Your Guide to Tacori Engagement Ring Prices

Congrats, you’ve finally decided to purchase a Tacori Engagement Ring . It’s time to start budgeting to make sure you can afford that stunning, one-of-a-kind Tacori ring. Tacori Engagement Ring Prices are, after all, on the higher end of the Engagement Ring price scale. So take out your calculator and start budgeting!

 Tacori Engagement Ring
Tacori Engagement Ring

Tacori Engagement Ring Prices range from $2k to 20,000k. The average Tacori engagement ring costs approximately $2k-$3k. A Tacori 1ct engagement ring would cost about $12K and up, depending on the design. This may seem expensive, but Tacori Engagement Rings are well worth the price! They are among the finest engagement rings, much like Tiffany and Cartier engagement rings.


Tacori Engagement Ring Prices vary according to carat size, metal and, diamond quality and design. When it comes to the prices of diamonds, size, clarity and color matter the most. Vintage Tacori engagement rings can cost even more than new rings, as they are exceedingly rare.


Tacori Engagement Ring Prices: The Tacori Gentleman’s Guide

The Tacori Gentleman’s Guide offers a guide to selecting and financing Tacori engagement rings. Under the Engagement ring Matrix tab, there is a “Money Matters” option. There, you can find text and videos to help you make the best decision regarding your Tacori engagement ring purchase. Watch videos on the following categories: “Platinum vs. Gold”, “Size vs. Quality”, “Buying Wise” and “How Much Should I Spend”. 

A Beautiful Tacori Commercial

Remember- before purchasing your Tacori engagement ring, make sure you’ve done some serious research on Tacori Engagement Ring Prices!

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